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             Schrader Acres Assisted Living Center grew from the belief of the members of the Schrader Lane Church of Christ that one must live out the true meaning of the preached word. If preaching is to be meaningful, it must inspire the hearer to do good works sacrificially. A religion of talk only, is no religion at all, it is talk! Jesus came “doing and teaching” (Acts 1:1). Since our lives are changed, we must move to change the lives of others to duplicate the model of our Master, Jesus Christ.


    The church agreed in 1984 to construct the Schrader Acres Senior Citizens Center. The facility opened to residents in 1985. 


   Independent senior citizens have found the safety, security and nurturing climate to be a wonderful home. As residents grew more fragile with age, it became necessary for them to be moved to facilities with assisted living provisions. This disruption and change created hardships for the residents, their families and support ministries of the church.


   In 2003, the church determined to construct a state-of-the-art facility for providing assisted living accommodations. Schrader Acres Assisted Living Center, Inc.  began operating in January 2005.


    In 2013 in recognition of over 50 years of service as the minister of Schrader Lane Church of Christ, the building was named the David Jones, Jr. Assisted Living Center.


    Schrader Acres Assisted Living Center is a 501 (3)(c) organization and a ministry of the Schrader Lane Church of Christ.


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